My Experience at YMCA Wainui Camp!

On Monday September 10th, Kaupeka Year 7 went away to camp. Besides me, This was the day that I came off a 25 hour flight from Rome to Christchurch, stopping in Dubai. I never went on Monday because I was recovering from Jet lag. But I went to camp the next day, Tuesday 11th of September. The drive took about An hour and a half, I slept the whole way. When I opened my car door, all I can hear is the boys screaming as they ran towards the car.

When I arrived at camp, we had breakfast and afterwards some free time before the activities. My activity group was made up of Oscar, Christian, Kellan, Ella, Mikayla, Claudia and Payton. Our activity leader was Andrew, who was Oscars dad. The first activity I did was Archery, which was not really fun and not really boring. I really sucked at Archery, because I kept on hitting either the white or the hay.

I have created a poster to showcase and reflect on my time at camp. I created my poster using google drawings because I am really used to using it and feel more confident with using it to showcase.

Have you ever been somewhere in the Banks Peninsula area? (That can be places like Wainui, Little River and Akaroa)

Camp Photos


Super Science

Kia Ora and welcome back to my blog. For the past couple of weeks we have been doing Science, our main focus for science was electricity. We have done many cool experiments like making a circuit, making a light bulb glow using play-dough, and making a buzzer sound using salt and water.

Today we made a buzzer go off. The stuff we needed was 2 copper and 2 zinc nails, water, salt, 2 beakers, 1 for water and 1 for the water used. We also needed a Plastic spoon and several tissues. Before we did this we needed to make a hypothesis, my hypothesis was that it would not work because how could water and salt make electricity for 2 nails to make a buzzer go off? Our first attempt was a failure, we tried 2 zinc nails, and then we tried 1 copper and 1 zinc nail, and it did work! My hypothesis was wrong. I was really happy that it worked, I never knew that could happened!

Out of all the experiments we did I really enjoyed doing the copper and zinc nail buzzer experiment because out of all of the experiments I have done so far, that was the only successful one.

What is a cool experiment you have done?

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Poems, Poems, Poems!

Kia Ora, Over the first few weeks of Term 3 we have been reading and writing all different types of poetry. Please enjoy reading my poetry

I discovered that a list poem is a poetic form that presents ideas, images, or emotions through a series of items or descriptions. It was interesting to present my interests by using images and ideas. It was really fun to do and I feel like doing more in the future. 

Blackout poetry is the art of selectively erasing words from existing texts to create new poetic compositions. It was interesting to find the words to use and black out all of the other words. I also enjoyed making different was of presenting my work like adding basketball related things.

I learned that a limerick is a humorous five-line poem with a distinctive rhyme scheme and a bouncy rhythm. I also learned that we can do 7-9 syllables so it doesn’t really matter if we accidentally add more or less syllables, I enjoyed decorating my limerick and writing it down. I think that my limerick was humorous and really enjoyed making them.

Here is my new poem I have made, my Biographical Poem about me. A Biographical Poem is a simple poem written about a person, and it follows a predictable pattern. Bio poems generally don’t rhyme, and they can be autobiographical or biographical. A autobiographical poem is about someone famous, while a biographical poem is about yourself.

Over the last two weeks, I really enjoyed making my poems and making them the best I could, I also enjoyed decorating them, I found it fun to do. I found it hard picking my words for my poems, especially my blackout poem, but eventually I found the right words. What is something new you learned about poetry from my blog?

Magic Maths based on Probability!

Kia Ora everyone and welcome to my blog. This week, we have been learning about probability, and I will share my create task with you today. My create was to make a graph about what 45 people will chose at the SFOA Mid-winter celebration.  So what I did is that I spun a wheel 45 times with the options of Porridge, Hot Cakes, Sausage Sizzle and Hot Chocolate. After I spun the wheel 45 times, I recorded how many times it landed on a certain thing. For example, it landed on Porridge 12 times. I notice that Hotcakes was landed on the least amount of times, being landed on 9 times. I also noticed that Porridge, Snags and Hot Chocolate were landed on the same amount of times, being landed on 12 times, which also makes them the most landed on. The Probability of people choosing Hotcakes is 9/45 people, and the probability of people choosing Porridge, Sausages and Hot Chocolate, is 36/45 people. My favourite part of the task was making and customising my graph, because I like learning new things on technology, like I just learnt that you can change the colour of it! Anyways, here is my graph:

What is your favourite food option? Is it Porridge, Hot Cakes, Sausages or Hot Chocolate?

What is the probability of Lewis becoming a Dinosaur?

Hey you, I have a question for you!!!! What is the probability of you seeing a dragon today. For me, that is definitely going to be impossible, do dragons even exist anymore?

Hello and welcome to my blog, today we will be talking about the probability of things. As some of you may know, sometimes we put the probability of things on a line, this line is called a continuum line, where we put our probabilities onto a line with the words Certain, Likely, Possible, Less Likely and Impossible, Certain meaning it is certain to happen, and impossible meaning never going to happen.

The first creation was to make a quiz with different questions, and possibilities about it happening. An example of my questions were, What is the probability of Lewis becoming a Dinosaur, and my answers were Unlikely, Likely, Certain and Impossible. Here is my kahoot.

The second creation was to produce a graph that presents 10-40 dice rolls and 10-40 coin flips. I did both because this was kind of a fun task to do. I flipped a coin 10 times, and recorded how many times it landed on heads or tails. I flipped my coin 10 times, with 6 of those tosses being Heads, and the leftover 4 being tails. I popped all of this onto a chart/graph. I used a bar graph because in my opinion, it is easier to understand.

I rolled a dice 20 times, and recorded how many times it landed on each number. What I got was that it landed on Six the most with five times being landed on, and Three with the least amount of times being landed on, with one time being landed on. I used a column chart this time, nothing that is different from a bar graph, besides the fact that it is on an angle.

Here is my second create:

Anyways that is all for today, what is the probability that you will have fast food for dinner? Goodbye!

The Shreks and the Elmos

Kia Ora! For the past 2 weeks in reading, we have been learning about plays, and performing plays. So far I have done 2 plays, the first one being Like, Share and Subscribe.

Like, Share and Subscribe is about a family on social media who never gets off the electronics. The kids get annoyed and make some house rules, the parents disagree with the new rules, but they thought that they should give it a try, and they did. If you are wondering what the rules were, they were No phones at the table, Stop trying to be cool, Post about the kids with permission and No more Facebook!

The next play I did was called Dashing Doggies. Dashing Doggies is a play about 4 children named Fred, Marama, Jamie and Charlotte who are pitching their idea of a business where they take care of dogs. The Consultants were also trying to find faults in their business like their debt and income. Wow! This play is just like the show Shark Tank!


My create task for the first week of plays, was to research a famous person who makes plays, or a famous play. I chose to do mine on Shrek the Musical because well “Shrek is love, Shrek is life” the wise Baylen Levine says. Another reason why I chose this play is because I used to enjoy watching the Shrek films when I was little. I loved it so much, that I have Shrek pyjamas. Here is my create:

My second creation was to make a business. We had to include The purpose of my business, How it helps, How much it costs and How much it will cost the consumer. My business was at Elmo Daycare, because some parents need somewhere to take their kids while they are at work, and little kids love Elmo. So why don’t they drop them off at the Elmo Daycare. Here is my create:

Anyways that is my blog for today, I hope you enjoyed it. What is a famous play you know? Also, if you were to make a business, what would it be about? Goodbye!

PBL Term 1-2, Lets learn GEM!

Over the course of term one we have looked at the question: How can we help build a resilient community? We are using something called The Resilience Project to understand simple tricks to make our lives better. I have learnt from the Resilience Project there are 3 tricks in order to be happier, GEM. Gem stands for Gratitude Empathy and Mindfulness.

The whole school had a showcase evening to look at all the students’ creations and learn more about The Resilience Project. Here is an invite I made:

For the showcase evening I worked with Danu, Oscar and Sean. We decided to create Gratitude Journals, Because According to Robert Emmons, Writing down what you are grateful for, your happiness increases by over 25%. Here is my final creation:

I now know more about/understand what Gem and the Resilience Project is and how I can use it in my life to be happier. Throughout the creating process I feel like I learnt and practised Gem really well. I could have been better at listening to my group. If I was to do this again, next time I would help more around my group.


What is some fun facts that you know about GEM?

Super Science Fiction, Fantastic!

Over the last two weeks in reading I learnt about Science Fiction. I had two reading goals to focus on this week, they included to Identify some text events and features, and discuss what they can make the reader think about, and to Use knowledge from the text to combine with new ideas (own and others) to come up with new thinking. I learnt that Science Fiction is a type of Genre which appears in Movies and Comics. I also learnt that Science Fiction can take place in either the past, the present or the future. Science fiction can also include advanced science and technology, space exploration, time travel, parallel universes, and extraterrestrial life. As a result of this reading I would like to dive deeper into learning more about Extraterrestrial life, I think that it would be interesting!


Here are my reading tasks. I made 2 comics and word art. Here is my work, I hope you like it!

Annoying things that make my head explode!

What are things that annoy you? Probably it is when people cut in the line in front of you, or maybe when you get told off for no reason at all! Kia Ora everyone and welcome back to my blog!

This week in writing, we have been learning about and writing about Pet Peeves. We brainstormed many ideas of pet peeves that has to do with school and home. For example, when cutlery is scraped on the plates at the table. Gee-whiz! That really wants me to suck a lemon.

Use your own stationary! 

A pet peeve that really makes my head steamy, is when someone steals my stationary at school. I mean, my mum spends all that money, just for it to be gone after! Honestly why can’t you just use your own stationary! I know that you guys suffer the same. It just makes me really want to snap my pencil.

Can the Karaoke just end!

Another Pet Peeve I have, is the mums at parties do karaoke at 2am in the morning! Like can they just go home and sleep already! No offense. While I just lie down in bed, trying to sleep, I think to myself, “How do they have the energy to stay up this late?” It makes me want to destroy the Karaoke machine.

Rest in peace my ears, place of death: The dinner table.

I have heaps more of Pet Peeves, but one that really makes me bang my head against the table, is when I hear cutlery scrape against the plates. I have no idea why, but my ears just feel like it has just exploded and been sent to IC-1101.

I know that all of you guys have Pet Peeves, we all do, I just listed 3 of them! So tell me what are you’re Pet Peeves?


Link to writing


Have you heard the word Empathy before and wondered what it meant? Well I will tell you! Empathy is defiened as the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Our task this week was to make a DLO on a time where you have shown empathy and a time where empathy was shown to you. Here are my examples:

A time where I showed Empathy recently, was when I was doing my after school basketball training. This guy was looking down on himself and it made me feel bad. So I went over there to give him some comfort. I told him that we all gotta start somewhere, you don’t always start professional. Then I told him some funny things I did when I played Basketball when I was younger, like scoring the ball at the wrong hoop, passing the ball to the referee, there was just so much stuff that I can’t even write because it is that embarrassing. After the talk I could see that he felt better and felt more confidence.


A time where someone showed me Empathy, was when this random guy saw me riding my bike on a track in bottle lake. He gave me just a simple compliment saying, “Wow you are fantastic! I like your bike!”. Him saying that made my day and made me feel good. I replied saying, “Thank you! I like your bike too!”. 


Remember guys, Empathy does not have to be something big. It could be something small and simple like giving compliments, helping people when they are down or doing kind things for someone. Do you have a time where Empathy was shown to you? Goodbye and have a great and blessed day! Challenge for you is to show empathy to someone else!