The Shreks and the Elmos

Kia Ora! For the past 2 weeks in reading, we have been learning about plays, and performing plays. So far I have done 2 plays, the first one being Like, Share and Subscribe.

Like, Share and Subscribe is about a family on social media who never gets off the electronics. The kids get annoyed and make some house rules, the parents disagree with the new rules, but they thought that they should give it a try, and they did. If you are wondering what the rules were, they were No phones at the table, Stop trying to be cool, Post about the kids with permission and No more Facebook!

The next play I did was called Dashing Doggies. Dashing Doggies is a play about 4 children named Fred, Marama, Jamie and Charlotte who are pitching their idea of a business where they take care of dogs. The Consultants were also trying to find faults in their business like their debt and income. Wow! This play is just like the show Shark Tank!


My create task for the first week of plays, was to research a famous person who makes plays, or a famous play. I chose to do mine on Shrek the Musical because well “Shrek is love, Shrek is life” the wise Baylen Levine says. Another reason why I chose this play is because I used to enjoy watching the Shrek films when I was little. I loved it so much, that I have Shrek pyjamas. Here is my create:

My second creation was to make a business. We had to include The purpose of my business, How it helps, How much it costs and How much it will cost the consumer. My business was at Elmo Daycare, because some parents need somewhere to take their kids while they are at work, and little kids love Elmo. So why don’t they drop them off at the Elmo Daycare. Here is my create:

Anyways that is my blog for today, I hope you enjoyed it. What is a famous play you know? Also, if you were to make a business, what would it be about? Goodbye!

PBL Term 1-2, Lets learn GEM!

Over the course of term one we have looked at the question: How can we help build a resilient community? We are using something called The Resilience Project to understand simple tricks to make our lives better. I have learnt from the Resilience Project there are 3 tricks in order to be happier, GEM. Gem stands for Gratitude Empathy and Mindfulness.

The whole school had a showcase evening to look at all the students’ creations and learn more about The Resilience Project. Here is an invite I made:

For the showcase evening I worked with Danu, Oscar and Sean. We decided to create Gratitude Journals, Because According to Robert Emmons, Writing down what you are grateful for, your happiness increases by over 25%. Here is my final creation:

I now know more about/understand what Gem and the Resilience Project is and how I can use it in my life to be happier. Throughout the creating process I feel like I learnt and practised Gem really well. I could have been better at listening to my group. If I was to do this again, next time I would help more around my group.


What is some fun facts that you know about GEM?

Super Science Fiction, Fantastic!

Over the last two weeks in reading I learnt about Science Fiction. I had two reading goals to focus on this week, they included to Identify some text events and features, and discuss what they can make the reader think about, and to Use knowledge from the text to combine with new ideas (own and others) to come up with new thinking. I learnt that Science Fiction is a type of Genre which appears in Movies and Comics. I also learnt that Science Fiction can take place in either the past, the present or the future. Science fiction can also include advanced science and technology, space exploration, time travel, parallel universes, and extraterrestrial life. As a result of this reading I would like to dive deeper into learning more about Extraterrestrial life, I think that it would be interesting!


Here are my reading tasks. I made 2 comics and word art. Here is my work, I hope you like it!

Annoying things that make my head explode!

What are things that annoy you? Probably it is when people cut in the line in front of you, or maybe when you get told off for no reason at all! Kia Ora everyone and welcome back to my blog!

This week in writing, we have been learning about and writing about Pet Peeves. We brainstormed many ideas of pet peeves that has to do with school and home. For example, when cutlery is scraped on the plates at the table. Gee-whiz! That really wants me to suck a lemon.

Use your own stationary! 

A pet peeve that really makes my head steamy, is when someone steals my stationary at school. I mean, my mum spends all that money, just for it to be gone after! Honestly why can’t you just use your own stationary! I know that you guys suffer the same. It just makes me really want to snap my pencil.

Can the Karaoke just end!

Another Pet Peeve I have, is the mums at parties do karaoke at 2am in the morning! Like can they just go home and sleep already! No offense. While I just lie down in bed, trying to sleep, I think to myself, “How do they have the energy to stay up this late?” It makes me want to destroy the Karaoke machine.

Rest in peace my ears, place of death: The dinner table.

I have heaps more of Pet Peeves, but one that really makes me bang my head against the table, is when I hear cutlery scrape against the plates. I have no idea why, but my ears just feel like it has just exploded and been sent to IC-1101.

I know that all of you guys have Pet Peeves, we all do, I just listed 3 of them! So tell me what are you’re Pet Peeves?


Link to writing


Have you heard the word Empathy before and wondered what it meant? Well I will tell you! Empathy is defiened as the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Our task this week was to make a DLO on a time where you have shown empathy and a time where empathy was shown to you. Here are my examples:

A time where I showed Empathy recently, was when I was doing my after school basketball training. This guy was looking down on himself and it made me feel bad. So I went over there to give him some comfort. I told him that we all gotta start somewhere, you don’t always start professional. Then I told him some funny things I did when I played Basketball when I was younger, like scoring the ball at the wrong hoop, passing the ball to the referee, there was just so much stuff that I can’t even write because it is that embarrassing. After the talk I could see that he felt better and felt more confidence.


A time where someone showed me Empathy, was when this random guy saw me riding my bike on a track in bottle lake. He gave me just a simple compliment saying, “Wow you are fantastic! I like your bike!”. Him saying that made my day and made me feel good. I replied saying, “Thank you! I like your bike too!”. 


Remember guys, Empathy does not have to be something big. It could be something small and simple like giving compliments, helping people when they are down or doing kind things for someone. Do you have a time where Empathy was shown to you? Goodbye and have a great and blessed day! Challenge for you is to show empathy to someone else!

Greatest Sport Goats! With Patty!

Who have you debated who is the Goat of sports? Well today you are going to hear my opinions, of who is the goats of sports. Kia Ora and welcome back to my blog.


This week in reading, we got to choose different topics on what we wanted to read about. The options were the GOAT’s, World Leaders or Normal people doing extraordinary things. I chose GOAT’s because I love sports. In the sessions we have read about Cricket Legends and Tennis GOAT Serena Williams. It was very interesting. 1 interesting fact I learnt is that Cricket star Ben Sutcliffe has never won a single game in his whole Cricket career.


For our creations, we had to make athlete profiles on who we think should be considered goats. I did 2 because I finished early. I did one of LeBron James and the other on Michael Jordan. We had to include 5 points of why they should be considered goats, Basic info and their Awards/Accolades. The next week we had another create to do. It was to make a poster on an inspirational/motivational quote from a sports player. I chose this quote from Michael Jordan, “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”. Anyways here are my creates, I hope you enjoy it. (Click on Pictures for Links)


Who is your sports Goat? I have 3 and they are Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant. Goodbye and have a great day!


A Christmas Trip back home!

Kia Ora this week we have created a holiday that we have been on or our dream holiday. I did a trip that I have been on to the Philippines. I used Google Earth to create the map tour and screencastify to record. The locations I have included on my holiday was Christchurch, Auckland, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Disneyland, Cebu, Ginatilan, Singapore and Sydney.


My favourite part of this activity was the recording because I like to showcase my learning using my own voice, I do not know why but I just do. Anyways here is my Google Earth and Screencastify, I hope you enjoy it. What is your dream country to visit? Goodbye and have a great day!


Google Earth Link

How 2 work Google Drive! By Patty!

Have you ever been stuck on how to open your drive? Well think no further from this blog post! Hi, I’m Patty and today I will be showing you how to work your drive. Fun fact! This is my first blog post during the school year!

This week in Writing, we have been learning about Explanation Texts. An Explanation Text is a type of writing format where you have to explain how something works or how to do something.

For our create task, we had to create a DLO on how something works or how to do something. I did my DLO on how to work Google Drive. This is an explanation text because I am explaining how to do something through steps and clear simple points. My favourite part of learning about Explanation texts is the making of the DLO.


Here is my DLO! I hope you like it! Have you ever written an explanation text? Goodbye and have a great day!

Eels in the Ocean while Munching on Crunchy Chicken and sipping Coco-cola at the Beach! SLJ Task

Kia Ora everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today’s blog post is titled, “Eels in the Ocean while Munching on Crunchy Chicken and sipping Coco-cola at the Beach!”. Today we had to make a copy of a drawing and fill in some words that could be anything. We had to place Names, Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives.


Here is my story:

One day, Peter and Patrick planned to spend the day at the beach. Peter was in charge of lunch and packed a big feed of Crispy Chicken and two big bottles of Coco-Cola. Patrick was in charge of activities and packed Sunscreen and Swimming Togs. The sun was boiling and the beach was breezy. Peter and Patrick wanted to learn how to swim so they hired some floaties and jumped into the water, it was warm. After that they ate all their snacks, but still felt hungry so they went over to the shops to buy some Fries. It was Delicious. Suddenly they noticed in the water a slimy eel. Everyone was screaming and the lifeguard blew on his whistle. After that they decided to play Beach Volleyball and Tag. At the end of the day Peter and Patrick packed their bags and went home.


After we had completed writing our story, we had to make another drawing and make a picture that matches the story. Here is my picture. I hope you like it! What is your favourite marine life animal? Mine has to be Sea Turtles! Goodbye and have a great day!


The Kuaka. SLJ Task

Kia Ora everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today I did the task of making a slideshow about the Bar tailed godwit, aka the Kuaka. My slideshow includes a description about the Kuaka, What they eat, Where they live and what they make. I hope you will enjoy my slideshow. Anyways here it is! What is your favourite species of bird? Goodbye and have a good day!