Anti Gravity Glass. SLJ Task.

Kia Ora everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today I did Nano girl’s challenge of making an Anti-Gravity glass. The resources you need to do this challenge is just, a card and a glass filled with water. Here is my video of me doing it, I hope you enjoy it! Would you try this? Goodbye and have a good year!

2 thoughts on “Anti Gravity Glass. SLJ Task.

  1. Kia ora Patrick,

    Great work on completing another Summer Learning Journey task, Patrick. Tino pai! This video was very entertaining and I’m glad that the experiment was a success…until those final moments. Did the water spill on the floor or did it land in the sink? I was trying to see what your eyes were looking at, but I couldn’t quite tell. What would you say the challenging part of this experiment was for you? I tried this once, but I think the paper I used was too thin and needless to say I made a bit of a mess.

    Have you ever tried any other fun gravity experiments?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

    1. Kia Ora Simon, Patrick here.

      Thank you for your comment. The water spilled both on the floor and the sink! It went basically everywhere in my bathroom! But don’t worry, the floor is made with tiles so it was easy to dry.

      The challenging part of the activity has to be finding a card. I had to look in my parents office to find them. This was not my first gravity experiment.

      I once did the experiment with the bottle and string filled with water and swung it in the air to see if any water came out.

      What are your favourite experiments to conduct?


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