My Pokemon Cards. SLJ Task

Kia Ora everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today I did the activity of making our own Pokemon cards. We had to create 2 cards with different creatures/monsters. My Creatures were Mawsosus (You can see on the blog under this one) and a new one called Comrade. Here are the descriptions of each monster/creature.


Mawsosus: The Mawsosus can be found near Crater Lakes, near volcanic parks or any other place volcanic in the Americas. The Mawsosus is its own specie of creature. Comrade: A War Hero/Creature that has a mini tank so powerful that one blast would be bigger than the Hiroshima Atomic Bomb in 1945.


Things I included on the game cards were Names, Descriptions, What energy it is, The powers, A special power and a Blocking Power. The special power is basically a superpower that you can use if you have an energy card that matches the energy on the card. The Blocking Power is a power you can use to block another player’s attack but you need to PSC to see if you can use that blocking ability. If you win you gain either 20 or 30 more health.


Anyways here are my game cards, I hope you enjoy! What is your favourite Pokemon Card? Goodbye and have a great day!

3 thoughts on “My Pokemon Cards. SLJ Task

  1. Kia ora Patrick,

    Simon here again from the Summer Learning Journey team. These Pokemon styled cards look fantastic. I quite like how you have added the different backgrounds to each pokemon to show what sort of habitat they live in. I take it Comrade lives in the desert? You’ve added so many details for each pokemon, which is fantastic. What does ‘PSC’ stand for?

    Do you collect pokemon cards? I used to when I was younger and I think Mew has always been my favourite pokemon. Do you have a favourite pokemon?

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

    1. Kia Ora Simon, Patrick here.

      Thank you for your comment. I made an error, it was meant to be PSR for Paper Scissors rock. I am going to fix it now.
      I am a bit of a Pokemon collector myself. I have to play full collectors books. My favourite one probably has to be a Snorlax, because to be fair, it is cute as heck! I have a Mew in my collection but it is a Tag Team with Mewtwo.

      Was Mew one of your rare Pokemon?


      1. Hi Patrick, that’s all good. It makes sense now. I think from memory Mew was one of my rare pokemon. I played Pokemon Go for a while too. That was a fun game!

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