Eels in the Ocean while Munching on Crunchy Chicken and sipping Coco-cola at the Beach! SLJ Task

Kia Ora everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today’s blog post is titled, “Eels in the Ocean while Munching on Crunchy Chicken and sipping Coco-cola at the Beach!”. Today we had to make a copy of a drawing and fill in some words that could be anything. We had to place Names, Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives.


Here is my story:

One day, Peter and Patrick planned to spend the day at the beach. Peter was in charge of lunch and packed a big feed of Crispy Chicken and two big bottles of Coco-Cola. Patrick was in charge of activities and packed Sunscreen and Swimming Togs. The sun was boiling and the beach was breezy. Peter and Patrick wanted to learn how to swim so they hired some floaties and jumped into the water, it was warm. After that they ate all their snacks, but still felt hungry so they went over to the shops to buy some Fries. It was Delicious. Suddenly they noticed in the water a slimy eel. Everyone was screaming and the lifeguard blew on his whistle. After that they decided to play Beach Volleyball and Tag. At the end of the day Peter and Patrick packed their bags and went home.


After we had completed writing our story, we had to make another drawing and make a picture that matches the story. Here is my picture. I hope you like it! What is your favourite marine life animal? Mine has to be Sea Turtles! Goodbye and have a great day!


2 thoughts on “Eels in the Ocean while Munching on Crunchy Chicken and sipping Coco-cola at the Beach! SLJ Task

  1. Kia ora Patrick,

    Thanks for sharing another Summer Learning Journey task. This is a great story. I like Peter and Patricks big appetite! I can relate to how much they ate in this story haha. I can’t picture an eel hanging around a beach though. Do eels spend much time in the ocean or close to shore? I know they migrate out to sea during their breeding seasons though, so it’s totally feasible! Have you seen an eel in the ocean?

    My favourite marine creature would be orcas! I really want to see an orca one day. There have been a few occasions where I have heard there have been a pod of orcas nearby in Lyttelton Harbour, but I have missed them by an hour or so. Super disappointing. Have you ever seen an orca before?

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

  2. Kia ora Patrick,

    Manar here from the Summer Learning Journey Team. Wow! you have done a fantastic job at completing yet another SLJ activity. I love how you ensure lunch of some yummy crispy chicken and fries is sorted and eaten after you hop oit of the water from practicing swimming, because like any sport it needs a lot of energy that we get from the food we digest. Awesome to see you that the slimy, ginormous eel didn’t ruin your fun day at the beach, and you decided to play beach volleyball and Tag. I bet running in the sand was tough work, because it is much harder than running in grass because as you run or feet are sinking into the hot sand. Baby sea turtles are super cute, but I also really like the beautiful dolphins! Have you seen dolphins before?

    Keep it up!
    Manar Mahmoud (SLJ)

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