Annoying things that make my head explode!

What are things that annoy you? Probably it is when people cut in the line in front of you, or maybe when you get told off for no reason at all! Kia Ora everyone and welcome back to my blog!

This week in writing, we have been learning about and writing about Pet Peeves. We brainstormed many ideas of pet peeves that has to do with school and home. For example, when cutlery is scraped on the plates at the table. Gee-whiz! That really wants me to suck a lemon.

Use your own stationary! 

A pet peeve that really makes my head steamy, is when someone steals my stationary at school. I mean, my mum spends all that money, just for it to be gone after! Honestly why can’t you just use your own stationary! I know that you guys suffer the same. It just makes me really want to snap my pencil.

Can the Karaoke just end!

Another Pet Peeve I have, is the mums at parties do karaoke at 2am in the morning! Like can they just go home and sleep already! No offense. While I just lie down in bed, trying to sleep, I think to myself, “How do they have the energy to stay up this late?” It makes me want to destroy the Karaoke machine.

Rest in peace my ears, place of death: The dinner table.

I have heaps more of Pet Peeves, but one that really makes me bang my head against the table, is when I hear cutlery scrape against the plates. I have no idea why, but my ears just feel like it has just exploded and been sent to IC-1101.

I know that all of you guys have Pet Peeves, we all do, I just listed 3 of them! So tell me what are you’re Pet Peeves?


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