The Shreks and the Elmos

Kia Ora! For the past 2 weeks in reading, we have been learning about plays, and performing plays. So far I have done 2 plays, the first one being Like, Share and Subscribe.

Like, Share and Subscribe is about a family on social media who never gets off the electronics. The kids get annoyed and make some house rules, the parents disagree with the new rules, but they thought that they should give it a try, and they did. If you are wondering what the rules were, they were No phones at the table, Stop trying to be cool, Post about the kids with permission and No more Facebook!

The next play I did was called Dashing Doggies. Dashing Doggies is a play about 4 children named Fred, Marama, Jamie and Charlotte who are pitching their idea of a business where they take care of dogs. The Consultants were also trying to find faults in their business like their debt and income. Wow! This play is just like the show Shark Tank!


My create task for the first week of plays, was to research a famous person who makes plays, or a famous play. I chose to do mine on Shrek the Musical because well “Shrek is love, Shrek is life” the wise Baylen Levine says. Another reason why I chose this play is because I used to enjoy watching the Shrek films when I was little. I loved it so much, that I have Shrek pyjamas. Here is my create:

My second creation was to make a business. We had to include The purpose of my business, How it helps, How much it costs and How much it will cost the consumer. My business was at Elmo Daycare, because some parents need somewhere to take their kids while they are at work, and little kids love Elmo. So why don’t they drop them off at the Elmo Daycare. Here is my create:

Anyways that is my blog for today, I hope you enjoyed it. What is a famous play you know? Also, if you were to make a business, what would it be about? Goodbye!

4 thoughts on “The Shreks and the Elmos

  1. Kia Ora Patrick
    I really liked reading about your Shrek and Elmo you clearly explained your writing im looking forward to reading more of your other blogs.

  2. Hello Patrick
    I really like how you showed what you learnt through a easily accessible digital learning object, if I had a kid I would send them to Elmo daycare. If there was one thing I would want you to do is have more color, It is still really good.
    Bye Patty

  3. Kia ora Patrick
    I really liked reading about your Shrek and Elmo. You clearly explained your writing if you added some more colour and some more pictures. I’m looking forward to reading more of your other blogs.


    1. Hello there Seb, Patty here.

      Thank you for your comment, I will make sure to put more colours and pictures next time. Since you are looking forward to my other blogs, I recommend my maths blog post, you should really check it out.

      Speaking of Elmo, do you have a favourite character from Elmo’s world?

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