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Statistics Week 10!!!

Kia Ora and Welcome to my blog about…. Statistics!

This term we have been learning about Statistics and its importance when collecting data. We learnt about different types of graphs e.g

A Bar Graph, A Line Chart, A Pie Chart, A Stem and Leaf.

Today our thing was based on the Mid Winter Lego sale that happened at the warehouse yesterday. We had to give out recommendations to see which ones they should sell more and to do so we represented data in a chart. I did 2 graphs, A Pie Chart and a Bar Graph, here are my graphs.

Some statements on these charts:

I think that the Warehouse should sell more Creator Lego sets and less Ninjago sets.

I wonder why there are less Ninjago sets than any of the other sets.

I notice that Harry Potter sets and Friends sets are at the same amount of sets.

Anyways that’s my blog. Goodbye!

What is your favourite type of graph?


Kia Ora and Welcome to an investigation to find out how many kids like each sport!


I wonder how we could figure it out… Aha collecting Data! Collecting data is where you go around and start asking people some questions, e.g Whats your favourite colour or Who do you think is going to win the finals. But you don’t just have to ask questions, people could just write you a sheet of what they like.


Today we were given some paper and we were given the favourite sport of 8 year old kids. 8 Kids liked Netball,  2 Likes Rugby and 2 likes Basketball too, 3 Likes soccer and 1 person likes Softball. So with the help of Statistics we used this information and put it in a graph. Here is my Graph.

I am looking forward to when we actually get to ask people some questions from the class. It will be really cool and then I get to do real people.


Patrick 🙂

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