Magic Maths based on Probability!

Kia Ora everyone and welcome to my blog. This week, we have been learning about probability, and I will share my create task with you today. My create was to make a graph about what 45 people will chose at the SFOA Mid-winter celebration.  So what I did is that I spun a wheel 45 times with the options of Porridge, Hot Cakes, Sausage Sizzle and Hot Chocolate. After I spun the wheel 45 times, I recorded how many times it landed on a certain thing. For example, it landed on Porridge 12 times. I notice that Hotcakes was landed on the least amount of times, being landed on 9 times. I also noticed that Porridge, Snags and Hot Chocolate were landed on the same amount of times, being landed on 12 times, which also makes them the most landed on. The Probability of people choosing Hotcakes is 9/45 people, and the probability of people choosing Porridge, Sausages and Hot Chocolate, is 36/45 people. My favourite part of the task was making and customising my graph, because I like learning new things on technology, like I just learnt that you can change the colour of it! Anyways, here is my graph:

What is your favourite food option? Is it Porridge, Hot Cakes, Sausages or Hot Chocolate?

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