What is the probability of Lewis becoming a Dinosaur?

Hey you, I have a question for you!!!! What is the probability of you seeing a dragon today. For me, that is definitely going to be impossible, do dragons even exist anymore?

Hello and welcome to my blog, today we will be talking about the probability of things. As some of you may know, sometimes we put the probability of things on a line, this line is called a continuum line, where we put our probabilities onto a line with the words Certain, Likely, Possible, Less Likely and Impossible, Certain meaning it is certain to happen, and impossible meaning never going to happen.

The first creation was to make a quiz with different questions, and possibilities about it happening. An example of my questions were, What is the probability of Lewis becoming a Dinosaur, and my answers were Unlikely, Likely, Certain and Impossible. Here is my kahoot.

The second creation was to produce a graph that presents 10-40 dice rolls and 10-40 coin flips. I did both because this was kind of a fun task to do. I flipped a coin 10 times, and recorded how many times it landed on heads or tails. I flipped my coin 10 times, with 6 of those tosses being Heads, and the leftover 4 being tails. I popped all of this onto a chart/graph. I used a bar graph because in my opinion, it is easier to understand.

I rolled a dice 20 times, and recorded how many times it landed on each number. What I got was that it landed on Six the most with five times being landed on, and Three with the least amount of times being landed on, with one time being landed on. I used a column chart this time, nothing that is different from a bar graph, besides the fact that it is on an angle.

Here is my second create:

Anyways that is all for today, what is the probability that you will have fast food for dinner? Goodbye!

2 thoughts on “What is the probability of Lewis becoming a Dinosaur?

  1. Hey patty
    Great Maths blog post by the way, the probability I see a dragon and Lewis becoming a dinosaur is impossible, your creation is really good, and the probability I have fast food for diner is 50-50, so it is possible, but on your graph you should have added a horizontal title and a vertical title, but that is the only thing I will look at when I get time will do your kahoot to. What is the probability that you will do a back flip today?
    That is all from me. See you later.

  2. Hi Patty
    I found your post pretty interesting, I liked the presentation. It told me a lot about probability while still having your trademark comedy. I loved how you incorporated these things into a simple blog post and still made it entertaining.
    From Oscar

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