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Swimming Post

This term, we have swimming for the first two weeks of school. We are having our lessons at QEII. We leave school in buses and go to our Teams, I am in Mania and we have to buddy up with a kid from Kakano 2. I got budded up with Mateo, He is a really nice kid and super and whenever we go to the back we pretend to do a robbery and run. 

In previous years when we had swimming lessons at school I enjoyed the last day where we get to go in the pool with our pyjamas because it was really hard to swim in it but we eventually learnt how to. It also felt like wetting the bed but EXTREME.

Something that I have enjoyed this week is learning new types of strokes like scaling. It was hard doing it on the front but easier on the back, it was super duper fun. I also enjoy hanging with my buddy, we have nice chats about video games and soccer.

Something that I have found hard this week is doing Is scaling on the front 50m because it is your arms controlling you not your legs. You have to cross your legs and float then go forward pushing your hands.

Something that I want to improve on next week is my diving. It is quite hard for me to dive because I barely even do it. My form is terrible and I think I can work on it.

Anyways I have to go now, Bye!.

What is your favourite stroke for Swimming?



Kia Ora and Welcome to an investigation to find out how many kids like each sport!


I wonder how we could figure it out… Aha collecting Data! Collecting data is where you go around and start asking people some questions, e.g Whats your favourite colour or Who do you think is going to win the finals. But you don’t just have to ask questions, people could just write you a sheet of what they like.


Today we were given some paper and we were given the favourite sport of 8 year old kids. 8 Kids liked Netball,  2 Likes Rugby and 2 likes Basketball too, 3 Likes soccer and 1 person likes Softball. So with the help of Statistics we used this information and put it in a graph. Here is my Graph.

I am looking forward to when we actually get to ask people some questions from the class. It will be really cool and then I get to do real people.


Patrick 🙂

Korokio Colour Wheel

Hello Everybody, welcome back to my blog and this week, Tumu Hub was learning about art! (Obviously, if you checked the labels)


We learnt about different things about art but in this post we have learned about the colour wheel. The colour wheel is a wheel with both primary and secondary colours. We have created one for ourselves and this is how it turned out.

We created this colour wheel in our team which is Korokio and we got the resources from the room we were in for maths, the middle room. I know it might look like there was not enough stuff in the middle space, but when you look in the cupboards, its paradise for creating the colour wheel we needed.


Anyways if we roll back a tiny tiny bit, you would have seen I said something about primary and secondary colours so I’m going to tell you what it is.

This is a colour wheel that shows which is a secondary and primary:

as you can see there are 3 types: primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary colours are red, blue and yellow which can be made into a whole bunch of colours. Secondary colours is a colour mixed up with two primary colours, and then a tertiary colour looks like a darker colour.


The most interesting thing about this activity was the making of the colour wheel, I mean to be fair we all were just grabbing and grabbing stuff out of the cupboards. But in the meantime, it was great teamwork happening.

Anyways, that’s it for me and I will see you later.

What resources can you use at home to make a colour wheel?

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