Poems, Poems, Poems!

Kia Ora, Over the first few weeks of Term 3 we have been reading and writing all different types of poetry. Please enjoy reading my poetry

I discovered that a list poem is a poetic form that presents ideas, images, or emotions through a series of items or descriptions. It was interesting to present my interests by using images and ideas. It was really fun to do and I feel like doing more in the future. 

Blackout poetry is the art of selectively erasing words from existing texts to create new poetic compositions. It was interesting to find the words to use and black out all of the other words. I also enjoyed making different was of presenting my work like adding basketball related things.

I learned that a limerick is a humorous five-line poem with a distinctive rhyme scheme and a bouncy rhythm. I also learned that we can do 7-9 syllables so it doesn’t really matter if we accidentally add more or less syllables, I enjoyed decorating my limerick and writing it down. I think that my limerick was humorous and really enjoyed making them.

Here is my new poem I have made, my Biographical Poem about me. A Biographical Poem is a simple poem written about a person, and it follows a predictable pattern. Bio poems generally don’t rhyme, and they can be autobiographical or biographical. A autobiographical poem is about someone famous, while a biographical poem is about yourself.

Over the last two weeks, I really enjoyed making my poems and making them the best I could, I also enjoyed decorating them, I found it fun to do. I found it hard picking my words for my poems, especially my blackout poem, but eventually I found the right words. What is something new you learned about poetry from my blog?

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