A joke with Burglars! SLJ Task

Kia Ora everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today I did the task of making a joke. Our task was to make a copy of some slides and add in our joke and answer. For me presentation I will show you some slides, and a roleplay video of a father telling the son the joke. Here are my presentations, I hope you enjoy them!


4 thoughts on “A joke with Burglars! SLJ Task

  1. Kia ora Patrick!

    Very funny! I like your jokes play on words, sneaky sneakers! I also love how have switched characters and even added an accent in there when reading out the joke- is it an American accent?

    Awesome work! Keep it up!
    Manar Mahmoud (SLJ)

  2. Kia ora Patrick,

    This is a great joke and your video is equally as funny. You have a great personality for presenting! Ka pai!

    I like this joke. It reminds me of something I used to say when I was a kid – I would say that I was wearing sneakers for sneaking when I was up to no good 😂

    Ngā mihi,
    Simon (SLJ)

  3. Kia ora Patrick

    Happy New Year to you and your family! Thank you for sharing your joke of the day which really made me smile…however, the BEST was your video ‘step-it-up’. I just loved your accent and the role play of your dad (complete with moustache)! Ha Ha!

    How about this joke, as a follow up to yours (let me know what you think)…
    What do you call two ninjas?
    A pair of sneakers.

    If you are interested in a further joke challenge, look out of the activity tomorrow called ‘Food-Art Wordplay’. I would love to see what vegetable art work you come up with to make a joke!

    Keep up the great work 🙂

    Nga mihi nui
    Naomi (Manaiakalani Facilitator)

  4. Kia ora Patrick,

    Wow! Your joke video made me laugh out loud. I loved it! So creative. I imagine it took a bit of time to put it together, especially with trying to get the video onto your computer.

    Does you Dad tell jokes like that? Mine does. Tbh I love a good Dad joke at times too.

    Keep up the great learning and blogging,
    🙂 Sharon – Te Ara Tūhura Education Programme Leader

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