Have you heard the word Empathy before and wondered what it meant? Well I will tell you! Empathy is defiened as the ability to understand and share the feelings of others. Our task this week was to make a DLO on a time where you have shown empathy and a time where empathy was shown to you. Here are my examples:

A time where I showed Empathy recently, was when I was doing my after school basketball training. This guy was looking down on himself and it made me feel bad. So I went over there to give him some comfort. I told him that we all gotta start somewhere, you don’t always start professional. Then I told him some funny things I did when I played Basketball when I was younger, like scoring the ball at the wrong hoop, passing the ball to the referee, there was just so much stuff that I can’t even write because it is that embarrassing. After the talk I could see that he felt better and felt more confidence.


A time where someone showed me Empathy, was when this random guy saw me riding my bike on a track in bottle lake. He gave me just a simple compliment saying, “Wow you are fantastic! I like your bike!”. Him saying that made my day and made me feel good. I replied saying, “Thank you! I like your bike too!”. 


Remember guys, Empathy does not have to be something big. It could be something small and simple like giving compliments, helping people when they are down or doing kind things for someone. Do you have a time where Empathy was shown to you? Goodbye and have a great and blessed day! Challenge for you is to show empathy to someone else!

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