My Experience at YMCA Wainui Camp!

On Monday September 10th, Kaupeka Year 7 went away to camp. Besides me, This was the day that I came off a 25 hour flight from Rome to Christchurch, stopping in Dubai. I never went on Monday because I was recovering from Jet lag. But I went to camp the next day, Tuesday 11th of September. The drive took about An hour and a half, I slept the whole way. When I opened my car door, all I can hear is the boys screaming as they ran towards the car.

When I arrived at camp, we had breakfast and afterwards some free time before the activities. My activity group was made up of Oscar, Christian, Kellan, Ella, Mikayla, Claudia and Payton. Our activity leader was Andrew, who was Oscars dad. The first activity I did was Archery, which was not really fun and not really boring. I really sucked at Archery, because I kept on hitting either the white or the hay.

I have created a poster to showcase and reflect on my time at camp. I created my poster using google drawings because I am really used to using it and feel more confident with using it to showcase.

Have you ever been somewhere in the Banks Peninsula area? (That can be places like Wainui, Little River and Akaroa)

Camp Photos


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