PBL Term 1-2, Lets learn GEM!

Over the course of term one we have looked at the question: How can we help build a resilient community? We are using something called The Resilience Project to understand simple tricks to make our lives better. I have learnt from the Resilience Project there are 3 tricks in order to be happier, GEM. Gem stands for Gratitude Empathy and Mindfulness.

The whole school had a showcase evening to look at all the students’ creations and learn more about The Resilience Project. Here is an invite I made:

For the showcase evening I worked with Danu, Oscar and Sean. We decided to create Gratitude Journals, Because According to Robert Emmons, Writing down what you are grateful for, your happiness increases by over 25%. Here is my final creation:

I now know more about/understand what Gem and the Resilience Project is and how I can use it in my life to be happier. Throughout the creating process I feel like I learnt and practised Gem really well. I could have been better at listening to my group. If I was to do this again, next time I would help more around my group.


What is some fun facts that you know about GEM?

2 thoughts on “PBL Term 1-2, Lets learn GEM!

  1. Hello Patrick,
    You have created a good idea for your PBL.
    You represented it in a good way to show what GEM means. Next time you could make sure your writing is layed out so it easy to read. But other wise I think it was good.
    A fact about GEM is you could just say to someone that you appreciate them.
    – Madison

  2. Kia ora Patrick,

    Nice idea for your PBL.
    You really showed us what Gem is and explained it really well.
    As Madison said maybe lay your writing out so its easier to read.
    This was a great blog good job 👍
    – Mac

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